About Us

My name is Laura Speer and I am a Lifestyle and Travel writer. I’ve been married for 30 years to the most wonderful man, Alan. We both had 3 boys each, with my youngest being 2 years old when we got married. Raising 6 boys, many in sports, and both of us working, led to a challenging, fun, and unpredictable life. The house was always chaotic loud, fun and I thought I would never stop cooking!! What a life! Next thing I know…

They are all gone! School, married, working and living on their own…now what? What do I do? Feeling like my purpose of raising my boys was over now, I ask myself, “Is this it? Is this my life now? What do I do now?”. It left me feeling sad, unproductive and lonely at times. I came to the realization that I didn’t have anything in my life for just me. My world had revolved around my boys all those years.

Well, after grieving and feeling sorry for myself, I slowly started to explore many things. Things I thought I would never do and it’s been a blast!! That’s what my blog is about, inspiring those of you facing being an Empty Nester. Change it to being a “Fun Empty Nester” like I have. I pray my blog brings you many adventures with ideas to help you enjoy this time min your life!