7 Unique Things to do with Ring Video Doorbell

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These days, most of us are constantly on guard for our safety. One way to alleviate some of the worry is to up the security in and around your property. My husband and I did just that by purchasing the Ring Video Doorbell, and we love it! Being able to answer the doorbell from our phones has been amazing. If I’m at the store, quilting upstairs, or traveling, it is so convenient for me to see and speak to visitors. 

1 Okay, no judging me! Sometimes I wake up in my dark bedroom in the morning, not sure if I am quite ready to crawl out from under the covers, but I want to see what the weather is like outside. I use my phone and check the live view to see if it’s sunny, cloudy, windy, or rainy enough to stay in bed. Yes, it’s my live weather app!

2. Also, on a lazy Saturday afternoon, while binge watching our shows, a visitor might ring, it will pop up on our TV screen and we can see whether we want to get off the couch or not! Like a visual Caller ID.

3. Occasionally, when I’m traveling, the ring pops up and I can “Ring Time” with my grandkids when they stop by the house! It makes me sooo happy to see their smiling faces!

4. Speaking of grandkids, talk about entertainment!! While visiting, they have been known to go outside, one at a time, and ring the doorbell, dancing like crazy, so the rest of us can watch them on TV; even their Grandad has been known to join in. Our neighbors might think we’re nuts, but we have a blast!

5. If you’re away from home, you can see when a package is delivered. If you are as fortunate as we are, you have an amazing neighbor you could text, who will go get your package and keep it safe for you!!

6. If you have the expanded Ring system with outdoor/indoor cameras, you can use it as a pet cam while you’re  away. You can even talk to them, so they won’t miss you so much!

7. Last but not least, you can make new friends! Ring Doorbell has a neighborhood feature which allows other local Ring Doorbell users to network together. You can alert each other to suspicions people in the neighborhood.

I realize these are all pretty lighthearted ways to use your Ring Doorbell. However, in all seriousness, I can’t tell you how much peace of mind I have with the Ring. When I am at home alone, I can see someone approaching before they even ring. If I don’t want to answer, I leave it for my husband to answer on his phone from work… they stranger at the door has no idea who is inside. If you don’t have one and are interested in learning more,  please click here. It’s super easy to install and the company has excellent phone support! You can’t put a price on your peace of mind.

Also, please comment below with any other unique things you have found using the Ring Video Doorbell.

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