Hand Feeding the Tarpon!

Just 20 miles past Key Largo, in Islamorada, is Robbie’s Marina, home of the world-famous hand Tarpon feeding!

As usual, like most of our adventures, we weren’t sure what we would find when we got there. It was such a pleasant, fun surprise!! My husband was like a little boy again, so excited to feed the Tarpon. I was very happy just filming!!

We were a little caught off guard with all of the pelicans around. They were in no way afraid of people. They were hungry and wanted everyone’s bait! One pelican even took a wallet from a man’s pocket while he was bending over feeding the Tarpon. He was devastated, because it had all of his money and identification he needed for his cruise. I was very impressed at how the staff jumped into action and retrieved it for him. Another pelican tugged at a little boys pant leg to distract him, while he snatched the bait from the little boys hand. I learned how quick and smart pelicans really are. As you can see in the video, we had a blast!

Not only can you feed the Tarpon at Robbie’s Marina, you can walk around their open air shops, or grab a cocktail on the waterfront deck! We will definitely plan to visit again!

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