Clip Clop

My Son Gabe while my other Son and Grandson look on!

I remember the start of being an Empty Nester. Not only were my boys growing up and doing their own thing but we also decided to leave southern California. I had lived there all my life and then moved to Fort Worth, Texas!

My husband was originally from Texas and I promised him once my youngest child graduated from high school I would move to Texas. I truly thought when I told him that, he would forget over time, but no…he didn’t!

So we moved into a new housing development in Fort Worth. The first week we were here, I was out gardening in the front yard and I heard this “Clip Clop, Clip Clop”. I looked up to see a policeman coming down my street riding a horse, with his cowboy hat on, as he passed by my house he actually tipped his hat and said, “Howdy Ma’am” !. I replied “Hi” and ran into the house, called me cousin crying, saying “What have I done to my life?”.

It’s funny now, but it wasn’t then! That was the start of my life being an Empty Nester in Texas!

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