Meet Up Texas

After being in Texas a few months, I realized I hadn’t many any friends here. I didn’t work and all I had done the first few months was stay at home unpacking and decorating.

I met a neighbor who told me she created a “New to Texas” Meet-Up Group and I should join. I did just that! It was made up of women from all over the country that had moved to Fort Worth. We would meet up at different places; restaurants, museums, movie theater, painting class, anywhere fun!

It was hysterical listening to us talk, all with different accents! The best part of the group was the discussions trying to understand Texans!! Why were they not bothered that all their food was fried? Why did it take all day to BBQ (or Smoke as they call it)? What is up with girls wearing shorts and cowboy boots? Yet the biggest question was, why during “Bluebonnet” season did families dress up and pull their cars over on the freeway access road to pose for pictures in these flowers as a family tradition???

Well I’ve been here long enough to know these answers. Fried food just tastes so much better. You can’t have good brisket without cooking it all night. Texas boys think girls dressed like that are cute. Nothing says “Texas” more than photos in Bluebonnets! Yes, even this Cali girl has come to love all of these things. We also take pictures in the Bluebonnets now too!

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  1. Barbara says:

    Love your blogging stories! Keep them coming!

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